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Beyond my view
You lean back, and raise that hand
Beyond my view
like a distinct wave fading into the blue
missing, lost, yet so natural and ideal
it is a motion rehearsed and perfected
an act with such an unexpected appeal
I wish, I wish I could notice
When the sun sets
When the clouds overlap, the colors and hues
How you lean back, and raise that hand
Beyond my view

I can only compare it to the beauty of a night sky
That solicits a content, overwhelmed sigh
Clouded with specks of light and shadow
Saturation, value, and contrast so perfected
That I can only compare it to
How you lean back, and raise that hand
Beyond my view

But really, what I think to myself is
What a cutie
Leaning back and raising his hand
Beyond my view
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A lover's Embrace

“What’s more comforting than a lover’s embrace?
my own, of course
to hold myself so tightly and linger with such purpose
that I pull and tug and dig into my skin to cause a mess
of red marks that line where the blade needs be placed”

A diary entry with no date, no context
a timeless fact that gives no fucks
I was with him at the time, that boy of the opposite sex
you see, his embrace was virtual, less
Unlike you
unlike you
What did I know of a lover’s embrace?
nothing, I fear, absolutely nothing
because it is not pressing hard on the backspace
and biting down on words that linger in my system like poison
it is not curling into a ball and wishing to nullify my existence
it is..
it is you
my love
none other than you
it is it is it is
everything that you do
the bad, the good, the painful
it is everything that you are
because never could I ever
never could I ev
:iconyassmineyt2:yassmineyt2 0 1
my love
My Love
warm and enveloping
ever developing
growing and nourishing
still flourishing…
love cannot stagnate
or it will wither and die
like a rose in a cold climate
nothing to eye…
it tells me to feel what can’t be felt or
endured, something so strong it delves deep into my core
squeezing my heart and forcing palpitations
uninvited, these new found sensations,
are so strong, they crush delusions and matter
they push and tug at my structure, only to make it shatter
into pieces you carefully collect and put back together
huh, you always have relieved the pressure
your love is great
it’s raw uncut passion
out of ten my love’s an eight
that rarely takes action
i love you
:iconyassmineyt2:yassmineyt2 0 1
fine on the inside
i need to go
where? i don't know
away, away from you
why? i'm feeling blue
overwhelmed by everything
your love, your attention
(lack thereof)
i desire concern and intimacy
follow me, even though i can't
deep within, it's there
what? anxiety that i cannot bear
make it go away, please
how? anything, as long as i feel ease
can i tear at my own skin?
blood, can i watch it seep out?
pain, can i feel it?
can i feel it and see it and know it
can it make sense
for once
:iconyassmineyt2:yassmineyt2 2 1
hurt 1
it hurts. words
haphazardly organized, misspelled, to form vague sentences
hurt a lot.
But only for a moment.
i breathe in, breathe out,
i blink, once, twice
and the hurt dissipates into me
i can feel it on my skin,
like an excessive amount of lotion, i smell it
it weighs me down, it shifts, it moves.
Words randomly thrown together into a sentence, they hurt.
everywhere. my senses process them, too much, too many times
because once again, it emerges
i try to find it, to pinpoint it. lock onto it so i can
hide it again, in places people don't see, or look past
hiding it is painful; it stings and burns and bruises
(it fights more than i do)
what good's a razor when i have you
fueling me with my daily dose of...
confusion, pain, anxiety
:iconyassmineyt2:yassmineyt2 2 1
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